an intriguing history

Step inside the gates of 55TG and you are welcomed by a calm and serene atmosphere that makes you forget you are in urban Colombo. There are jackfruit trees whose leaves seem to wave hello as they rustle in the breeze, along with the sound of birds, and the inquisitive greeting of three house dogs who receive you at the gate.

Inside, you'll discover sculptures, paintings, antiquities and ephemera spanning decades of Sri Lankan history, and showcasing the work of artists from every corner of the island and beyond. Past and present collide beautifully in my private collection, and each piece has a story to tell – making 55TG an art lover's paradise. Choose from a series of unique and individually designed suites to suit every persuasion and palate, each setting the stage for the ritual of elegant travel.

Having originally belonged to my grandfather, the home is over 90 years old, filling it with the architectural echoes of Sri Lanka's golden post-colonial era. This is the house where both my mother and I were born and raised, making it a special place filled with nostalgia and precious memories. Today, we welcome you to make your own precious memories here, and experience the hospitality, warmth and generosity of our family.

We look forward to your stay.


Thanuj & family